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Netcore PSF

“SAP initially seems to be a complex system. But once it is implemented properly, you quickly discover how sound and important the package is for your business.”

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Netcore PSF is the ICT arm of the Luxembourg postal and telecom operator P & T. The company started in 1990 as a classic family business and has experienced impressive expansion in the past two decades. With turnover of 24 million euro and more than 130 employees, Netcore is now a major European player in the field of network communications.


On the eve of the new millennium, Netcore was facing an important choice. The Cobol system they had at the time was on its last legs; and management were dreaming of a new and comprehensive ERP package. Netcore searched the market and found SAP, although there were doubts whether the package was suitable for an SME. Netcore had to make an important decision: do we adapt our business to the system or vice versa?


From Day 1, Ordina has been standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Netcore PSF in the implementation of SAP. As a loyal partner, it helped to strike the perfect balance between adapting the business to the system and vice versa. Ordina successfully implemented the FI/CO, MM/SD, PS/PM and CRM modules at Netcore. The open technology of SAP allowed very different projects to be linked successfully to the system. Now the maintenance personnel can keep the planning up-to-date via a Smartphone application. A barcode system simplified the logistical chain within the company.


Since opting for SAP in 2000, Netcore has grown to become a textbook example of a good implementation. Initially, the system may have been implemented on too large a scale for just 60 employees, but in 2013, it is effortlessly supporting 130 people. The integration of the basic package and the ERP and CRM systems were invaluable in overcoming the challenges associated with a growth scenario. The modular nature of SAP means that Netcore can look to the future with ambition. Nowadays, Ordina knows its customer's business inside-out and is ready to support Netcore for the next decade too.