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Yelo TV app for Windows 8


Anyone with a Telenet subscription for Internet and digital TV can not only watch TV on their TV set, but also on their PC, laptop or tablet. With the Windows 8 app, this can now be done on all tablets, laptops and desktops running Windows 8. So everyone can watch their favourite programme on their favourite screen.  Moreover, you can view programmes recorded at home on your tablet or Windows 8 computer. You can even schedule or delete recordings of TV programmes, at home or on the move and on any mobile data network (Wi-Free, 2G, 3G, 4G), in Belgium and abroad.

Ordina developed the app and provides support throughout its lifecycle. The Ordina Microsoft team realized this app in close collaboration with the engineering & product marketing team at Telenet. So the app provides exactly what the customer wants.

Only with the Yelo TV app for Windows 8 is there a 'snap-mode'. You can play a TV programme at the same time as doing something else with the same device. Tweeting or replying to e-mails for example. The app is also available in French.

The Yelo TV app is available free in the Microsoft Windows Store.

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