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Sustainable solutions for a critical consumer

The energy market is in a radical process of transition. A trend towards smart grids where renewable energy provides a more prominent share of the overall energy mix. Smart meters are providing information to aggregated data warehouses. Big data solutions provide the necessary market insight to control costs and to respond to changing market demands. Consumers want clean energy, excellent service, fair, transparent pricing and control over their own consumption. Users are banding together over the Internet, and various bodies are organizing group purchases. Switching suppliers is simple in a liberalized market. Customer loyalty is important. New marketing strategies and business models focus on the customer, his/her altered mindset and new, additional market players. The rapid technological developments in mobile solutions, cloud computing, big data and optimization of the mix of fossil and renewable energy sources require flexible, open and future-oriented ICT platforms. Which allow people, the environment and climate goals to be reconciled with economically viable solutions. Ordina offers business consultancy and sustainable, workable solutions in line with market developments in the energy sector.

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