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Simply request an eco-grant thanks to Ordina

Anyone in Flanders who invests in energy-saving measures can apply for a grant from Eandis in certain cases. Customers must register their grant applications via the Eandis website. The application and back office that process those requests were very outdated. Ordina built a brand new web application for Eandis, which represented a big step forward for both employees and customers.

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Eandis is an independent service provider that carries out operational tasks on behalf of electricity and natural gas grid operators in Flanders. Customers can contact Eandis for connections to electricity or natural gas supplies. Eandis is responsible for reading meters and installation of budget meters. It also gives advice on rational use of energy and acts as a contact point for faults and problems with mains networks.


To encourage energy saving, Eandis gives grants to those who invest in energy-saving measures, such as insulating glass, a solar boiler, photovoltaic solar panels, roof insulation, floor insulation, wall insulation or a heat pump. Customers can apply for these grants on the Eandis website.The data cycle behind this request module was not fully automated until recently. Employees had to manually re-enter data in the back office that had been received via the website. The back office software was also of poor quality and difficult to maintain. The choice of a new back office meant that the public website was due for renewal too.


Eandis opted to run their back office on SAP Grantor Management. This module supports the entire grant process. Ordina was responsible for the revision of the public website. The Ordina .NET team built a new web application that communicates seamlessly with the back office. The team was responsible for the analysis and the change requests from the business managers. Ordina monitored the functional and technical aspects of the project closely via Team Foundation Server. It handled all the technical aspects of the release and deployment process itself.


The new website represents a big step forward for both the employees and customers of Eandis. The web application is extremely intuitive and the automation of the data cycle comes as a relief to all users.