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The financial data of energy company Eneco were spread across various sources. This made locating, analysing, visualising and reporting the right data a time-consuming – and largely manual – job. Eneco brought in Ordina to centralise, simplify and automate this process. Our experts developed and implemented a central Microsoft database and Reporting Services that met all the customer’s needs.

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Eneco is a Dutch energy company based in Rotterdam. With around 7,000 employees, the company is active in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and Belgium. As one of the major players on the ecological energy market, Eneco aims for 100% sustainable, locally generated energy.


Eneco’s financial data were spread across various sources. This meant a large number of actions were required to combine the right data for analyses, visualisations and reports. Moreover, much of this work was carried out manually in Excel. The company called on Ordina to centralise, simplify and automate this process at ‘enterprise level’. The business intelligence solution also had to facilitate the exchange of data with the parent company. The customer request suggested a preference for working with Microsoft BI.


The solution offered consists of a central SQL Server 2012, which uses advanced ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) to process the data. For reporting and visualisation, the solution uses Excel and Reporting Services. This BI platform is not limited to Finance alone and can be further expanded at a later date so that other departments – such as Sales and Purchasing – can also add and/or consult data.


The Finance department can now efficiently meet the increasing demand for validated reporting. By collecting all the data in one central database, this process can also be largely automated. By opening the BI platform to other departments within Eneco, the solution can in time grow into a full corporate data warehouse.