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Infrax (CRM)

Towards a 360° view of the customer


The SAP CRM application manages all customer information centrally. This results in uniform front office processes, higher data quality and improved information flow. The reporting (SAP Business Intelligence) should help to identify problem areas in the service provision. Infrax is the first company in Belgium to combine the SAP solution for utility companies with CRM.

CRM is linked to the Infrax knowledge database and SAP IS-U. This is where the customer database is located. CRM sends the customer's data and the place of consumption to SAP IS-U. That link gave Ordina a first in Belgium. Ordina did a great job. On time and within budget.  Ordina proved its mastery of the technology with the various integrations.

Interelectra, Iveg and WVEM merged to form Infrax in 2006. Infrax manages the distribution networks for natural gas, electricity, cable TV and the sewerage network in large areas of Flanders. The call centre, customer offices and energy shops field a couple of thousand customer queries every day: about connections, meters, consumption, rational energy and water use and grants.

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