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Infrax (SAP IS-U)

Ordina helps to build network of smart meters

Between 2012 and 2016, all Flemish households will have a smart meter installed. These installations require a major effort by Infrax in terms of coordination and planning. Ordina is supporting Infrax in the development of a planning system based on service messages and order processing. In a first stage, the system for preliminary visits has to be carried out successfully. At a later stage, reorganization and installation has to be planned efficiently.

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Since 2007, Infrax has been responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of all utility mains in the territory of the municipalities that were previously served by Infrax Limburg, Iveg, Infrax West or PBE. Infrax fulfills a number of 'public service obligations’. It draws up an annual action plan to ensure that customers cut their electricity and natural gas usage by a pre-defined percentage. The campaigns promoting Rational Use of Energy (RUE) are an excellent tool for this purpose. Along the same lines as the RUE grants, Infrax is also paying grants for Rational Water Use (RWU) in municipalities where it runs the sewerage system.


Between 2012 and 2016, all Flemish households will have a smart meter installed. This will allow them to use energy smarter and more efficiently. These meters are being installed in a phased approach. In a first phase, Infrax installs new 'smart' meters in a limited number of municipalities and streets. This installation entails complex planning and coordination. During preliminary visits, technicians examine on site what work is needed. Infrax therefore needed a system of service messages and orders to allow efficient planning. In a subsequent phase, the system had to be able to handle orders for remedial work, SMR (Smart Meter Readers) and installations.