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The technical and maintenance staff of Watermaatschappij Limburg (WML) have long known about the benefits of mobile applications. Via their mobile device they receive new orders on the go and enter data ‘at the source’, which are sent directly to the office. To map the rapidly changing mobile needs of both office staff and those in the field, and establish a strategy that supports both more effectively, WML called on dedicated partner Ordina, which put an advisory process together that resulted in a clear plan of action and a ready-to-use road map.

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Watermaatschappij Limburg produces and supplies drinking water to more than half a million households in the province of Limburg. Around one hundred field staff, inspectors and fitters head out on the road daily for maintenance work and technical interventions. In addition, every day around three hundred internal employees get to work on various supporting, commercial and other business processes. They all have one aim: to supply families and businesses with quality water.


At WML more than one hundred employees currently use mobile applications for their work, mainly fitters and maintenance staff. For them, Mobile Working during customer visits and maintenance tasks has become essential for daily planning, work preparations, interventions and reports. The company therefore established an expert group, WML Mobiel. This group seeks to align the mobile business strategy as much as possible with the needs of staff and customers. The challenge? To set up a clear and practical mobile platform for planning, project management, mutual communication and knowledge sharing. To translate its ICT vision into a workable mobile strategy that its staff were 100% behind, WML went looking for an external partner. With its broad customer knowledge and critical view of the (mobile) market, Ordina was asked to map the requirements in terms of Mobile working within the company. It was also tasked with carrying out a technical investigation that tested various solutions as a possible replacement for the SAP MAM solution that would no longer be supported by SAP from 2015.


Ordina produced a detailed advisory document for WML, including road map, with specific projects and recommendations for the coming years. It provides the company with a clear overview of the key success factors and steps to use mobile as a valuable channel for both office staff and those in the field. Through a phased roll-out, Ordina supports WML both strategically and operationally towards an integrated mobile policy. An approach that grows with technological developments and the changing needs of employees and customers. The proposed applications dovetail perfectly with daily practices within the company, so they can actually be used and be of benefit.  


Different job types often have different mobile requirements, and that is precisely the case with WML. To arrive at a mobile approach that satisfies all employees – fitters, inspectors, managers, etc. – Ordina organised a series of interviews and workshops with all relevant employees and services involved.  This brought plenty of useful, often innovative ideas and trends to the surface. The most relevant were translated into viable proposals that fit into the shared vision of a water company with a strict quality policy. Technical feasibility was a constant throughout the innovation process. Existing applications and forward-looking mobile technologies were compared. All findings and suggestions were compiled in a comprehensive advisory document with associated road map for Mobile Working.


The interviews and workshops that Ordina organised at WML revealed a general desire within the company to innovate with mobile. Various profiles within WML need efficient mobile solutions that work smoothly where and when required. From all the ideas and trends Ordina filtered the necessary developments for WML to initiate to make a success of mobile innovation. As a result, WML now has a vision, a plan of action and a road map supported by the entire organisation. The new mobile approach increases ease of use and efficiency while working, giving a boost to employee satisfaction at WML. Customers will feel they have received quicker and better assistance, which also increases general satisfaction with WML’s services.