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Web application with plot information

To streamline the cumbersome procedures around the Flemish pre-emptive right, Ordina developed a web application for the Agency for Geographic Information Flanders (AGIV). Anyone who wishes to exercise this pre-emptive right can now find all the plot information easily. This makes the administration a lot faster and easier.

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The Agency for Geographic Information Flanders (AGIV) manages all building plots in Flanders. AGIV stimulates and coordinates use of geographical information within the Flemish government.One of those coordination tasks is the procedure relating to the 'pre-emptive right’. Certain government agencies sometimes have the right of first refusal when a plot is for sale. AGIV provides all the beneficiaries with the necessary plot information. 


The pre-emptive right - or right of first refusal when a plot is for sale - involved cumbersome procedures. For each sale, a notary used manual and written standard procedures to check that right with all potential beneficiaries. The beneficiaries, certain Flemish government agencies and organizations, then checked in turn with AGIV whether they could exercise this pre-emptive right. This process took a long time and the quality of the information was not always optimal. 


To make the plot information more reliable and optimize the process, Ordina built a web application with plot information for all Flemish pre-emptive rights. The online service is directly accessible to the beneficiaries. They can indicate in the system which plots they are interested in and until when.


Thanks to the web services, the quality of the information, and therefore the legal certainty, is much greater. Because AGIV now automatically disseminates the information to third parties, the process has also been significantly shortened. Other organizations are benefitting from AGIV's web application. The e-window of the Flemish Land Agency (VLM),  also an Ordina solution, gets its plot information from the AGIV web services.