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Planning tool creates order in complexity

For the management of the Belgian Customs and Excise administration, planning is no easy task. More than 750 inspectors are out on the road every day carrying out diverse and/or complex verification tasks. Since Ordina provided the administration with an Advanced Planning & Scheduling tool, planning and interaction between managers and inspectors has become much smoother.

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In a unified Europe, the Belgian Customs and Excise administration plays a major role. Due to increasing international trade and growing demands imposed on customs administrations, the administration faces many safety and security issues. That safety and security is guaranteed in Belgium by 750 inspectors. Each year they perform about 400,000 verifications.


In an economically globalized world, government is trying to reduce paperwork for customs officers. When goods clear customs, entries are lodged electronically. If the risk is high, then an inspector carries out a verification. Due to the diversity and complexity of the tasks, planning is a real exploit. Moreover, emergency and crisis situations can throw a spanner in the works.


This thorny issue of planning needed an appropriate solution. Ordina had the perfect planning tool for Customs & Excise. Ordina implemented Quintiq, an APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) solution. The flexible configuration and user interface were the decisive factors in the decision. In a second release, Ordina provided the tool with a range of new features. These were necessary due to some important European legislative changes concerning safety and security.


The management at Customs & Excise now has a much better view of its inspectors' work. The latter report their status continually. Their planning is monitored in real time. If any unexpected events crop up during the verification, then the management can respond promptly. Furthermore, the tool enables the whole process to be measured. So the Customs & Excise management have a clear picture of the workload of all staff.