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Child Focus

Communicating quickly and efficiently using Child Alert

In extremely worrying missing child cases, the first few hours are crucial to finding them alive. Fast and effective communication is very important in that phase. Digital media are opening up new perspectives for Child Focus. In the Child Alert project, the organization built an automated system to disseminate information from a central source to partners, citizens and businesses.

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The Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children operates under the name Child Focus. Since 1998, the Foundation has been making every endeavour to trace missing children and identify sexual exploitation 24/7, in Belgium and abroad.


For its Child Alert project, Child Focus was looking for a technological system to communicate faster and more effectively about extremely worrying disappearances. The platform had to be guaranteed stable and easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure, including the CRM system at Child Focus. The budget for this project was also very limited.


Ordina proposed SharePoint 2010 as a basic system and, together with Child Focus, designed the Child Alert system in just five months. This has enabled Child Focus to communicate in a much more targeted way with its volunteer network. Exceptionally, Microsoft provided the software licences for this project free of charge.The system has two parts. Only the organisation's own employees and the Federal Police have access to the protected part. Partner organizations and the public can subscribe to information about disappearances and other matters in the public part of the system.


An automated system based on SharePoint 2010 offers many features and can easily be expanded. Child Alert communicates effortlessly using its existing IT infrastructure. The system is also more versatile than just in the context of this project and it gives Child Focus expansion capabilities for the future. The workflow feature in SharePoint helps users with a task list that appears automatically on the screen and displays the tasks in order of importance. Starting searches goes up to six times faster using the new system, which is important when you bear in mind that the first hours are often critical to finding someone alive.