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E-window with plot information

Civil law notaries obtain all the information that supports them in their work from the platform of Credoc, the IT subsidiary of the Belgian notaries. To optimize the service relating to plots of land for sale with a pre-emptive right, Credoc brought in Ordina. An e-window, integrated into the existing platform, helps notaries to accomplish their searches faster and more efficiently.

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Credoc is the IT arm of the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries. Credoc's task is to bring the work of civil law notaries into line with changes in society. Credoc is developing a range of business applications for notaries and their employees.


The Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries has been using a Credoc application platform for many years. Notaries can find all the information there to enable them to carry out their work optimally. However, additional information about plots was needed on that platform. Checking which plots are subject to the pre-emptive right - the right of certain authorities of first refusal when a plot is for sale - was necessary for more efficient collaboration


Because Ordina had already implemented a similar solution at the Flemish Land Agency, Credoc called on our expertise on this subject. An e-window in Java, integrated into the existing platform, appeared as the ideal solution. Now the notaries can quickly determine whether a right of first refusal applies to a property.


The e-window was up and running two months ahead of schedule. The information simplifies and speeds up the work of notaries significantly, giving their clients a better service. The solution also represented a great leap forward for the Credoc platform. Credoc therefore decided to hire Ordina's Java team again. A new application for the exchange of messages between Belgian notaries and the federal government is in preparation.