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High-quality reporting policy for the local authority of Ghent

Ordina Belgium was commissioned by Digipolis Gent to work on the largest BI project in its history. In the context of the new Management and Policy Cycle for local government, Ordina developed and implemented a reporting environment based on a data warehouse and Microsoft BI.

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Digipolis is an expert IT partner offering total solutions for the municipal administrations and public welfare centres (OCMW’s) of Antwerp and Ghent. Digipolis anticipates the needs of its customers, advises and actively seeks appropriate ICT solutions. These solutions include software development, implementation of hardware, network or telephony infrastructure, provision of ICT competence, coaching of end-users, embedding the solution in the organisation, monitoring of the implementation of ICT projects and aftercare.


Reporting by municipalities, provinces and public welfare centres is often not very useful, too voluminous, sometimes contradictory and too complex. With a view to sound policy reporting, the Flemish Government made the Management and Policy Cycle mandatory for all administrations from 1 January 2014. This cycle is intended to make policy reporting transparent, coherent and reliable for all regulatory bodies. It should reflect the strategic policy choices and provide tools to guide and monitor the policy. The MPC legislation has profound implications for financial reporting by public authorities. Digipolis was looking for a new reporting environment for Ghent City Council, based on a data warehouse and Microsoft BI.


The project included the establishment of the data warehouse and reporting environments from three source systems: finance (SAP), HR (Cevips) and the municipal information system of the city of Ghent 2020. Digipolis Ghent relied on the support of SAP R/3 experts and experienced reporting specialists at Ordina. Six consultants jointly implemented the new system successfully, together with six colleagues from Digipolis, within eighteen months.


Ordina's Vision Guide project methodology was converted into an iterative approach. The method allowed the detailed requirements of the system to be determined only at a late stage in the development. The project up team took full advantage of this to make use of growing understanding of the new guidelines. Throughout the project, Ordina managed to increase efficiency and optimise the total cost of ownership resulting in a user-friendly and efficient financial reporting environment.