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Automation in relation to pre-emptive rights

To streamline the cumbersome procedures around the Flemish pre-emptive right, Ordina developed a management application and an e-window in .NET for the Flemish Land Agency (VLM). The solutions allow VLM to play a pivotal role between the notaries and the beneficiaries of this right of first refusal, in a fast and efficient way.

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The Flemish Land Agency (VLM) is an agency of the Flemish government. It is part of the Environment, Nature and Energy policy field. Since 2007, VLM has been handling all requests from notaries relating to pre-emptive purchase rights. On every sale of uninhabitable buildings and plots in special areas, a civil law notary must check whether certain government agencies have the right to buy the plot first. 


The pre-emptive right - or right of first refusal when a plot is for sale - involved cumbersome procedures. For each sale, a notary used manual and written standard procedures to check that right with all potential beneficiaries. That was a time consuming process, which also entailed a real risk of mistakes. VLM therefore decided to simplify the process. The notary had only to send a request to VLM. The VLM officials then wrote to the beneficiaries themselves. To streamline the requests, VLM started an automation project. 


In a first phase, Ordina developed a management application in .NET for VLM. That automatically registered all applications by notaries. The second stage was the construction of an e-pre-emptive right window for VLM officials, notaries and beneficiaries. That window retrieves all the plot information from AGIV, the Agency for Geographic Information Flanders. Now the officials and notaries can quickly determine whether a right of first refusal applies to a property.


Through the e-window VLM officials now simply send the requests to the beneficiaries. They in turn tell the VLM if they wish to exercise the pre-emptive right. A fast and reliable automation solution, enabling the Flemish government to harmonize its procedures relating to this pre-emptive right. The success of the solution caused a spill over effect. Via VLM, Ordina came in the picture for projects in two related organizations. For AGIV,  Ordina developed a geographic theme file for all Flemish pre-emptive purchasing rights. And for Credoc, the IT division of the Federation of Notaries, Ordina set up an e-window in Java with plot information.