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Social Sector

Responding to the changes anticipated

Our country must cope with the risky cocktail of economic crisis, cutbacks, and increasing and changing care needs. Mutual insurance funds, social security institutions, trade unions, health care and funds are confronted with these realities in their daily work and policy.

Ordina has domain-specific knowledge of government and is a thought leader in the field of infrastructure projects, ERP implementations, portals, custom projects and supporting complex transformations and management. We support the boards, management and employees of these administrative bodies with services and ICT solutions for core and secondary processes. We enable our customers to respond quickly to the changes that are required of them. 

We do this by deploying a comprehensive knowledge and product portfolio in the field of ICT; combined with knowledge of local laws and customs. Naturally the cost is competitive. Ordina has strong partnerships with leading vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM and DellEMC.

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