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Business one-stop shop

Securex Optimal focuses on simple administrative processes. That is already clear from the business one-stop shop, when you register a new business: you save valuable time, as does your client advisor. What's the secret?     Together with the Ordina Java team, Securex Optimal built a solution with direct access to the Central Businesses Database (KBO), the National Register and the Bis register. Data from government databases are automatically fed into the Securex solution and back again. This eliminates duplication of input, and improves data quality. This has shortened the business registration process by 30 minutes. Which is good for the client. And for the client advisor, because they can handle more registrations, or they can spend time advising the client about other issues. One year after the implementation, the business one-stop shop was already profitable. The volume of business increased by 20% due to administrative simplification!

How can you be certain that technological concepts perfectly match your business needs? Or that complex legislation has been correctly implemented in a web application? Ordina did a great job by communicating in human language, not jargon. An open relationship, mutual trust, respect and rapid fine-tuning. The end-users of Securex never had any surprises with the Ordina Java team!

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