Mendix partnership

With Mendix, you achieve a super-fast time-to-market for new business functionality in the form of web applications and (mobile) apps. Organisations use Mendix as an innovation platform to respond quickly to changes in the environment. Mendix connects seamlessly with the most important business platforms of the organisation, allowing you to open up complete business chains via innovative apps.

Mendix and Ordina

Ordina specialises in developing and further developing mobile applications on Mendix. The mobile applications we develop fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of various mobile operating systems, creating a premium experience. In Mendix, you work with a single code base for an app that you can place in different app stores, which increases maintainability.

As Ordina, we chose Mendix because this platform fits in seamlessly with our Simplify & Surround strategy for Business platforms.

  • Ordina is an authorised partner of Mendix
  • Winner of the Mendix R&D Award 2019
  • > 40 Mendix professionals
  • > 35 certifications

Why Ordina?

Ordina helps organisations to speed up the clearance of their backlog with Mendix. Our philosophy is ‘we build to manage’ and support low code throughout the life cycle of functionality. We work with our teams to develop apps and can help build your own internal Mendix competence.

As an application specialist, we offer more than just Mendix: we are able to connect the entire chain behind a low-code application. Whether it is SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Pega or customisation. With Mendix, Ordina is active in the following markets: insurance, government, finance and industry.

Mendix competences

  • Low-code development
  • Native mobile development
  • Application Test Suite
  • SAP integration

What specifically do we help organisations with?

  • Implementation
    Introduction of Mendix within the organisation, including implementation of the (technical) platform.
  • Centre of Excellence
    Design and set-up of an internal centre of excellence for low code with Mendix and/or mobile applications.
  • Mobile app development
    Development and further development of mobile business applications with a native experience
  • UX design
    Design and shaping of the user experience. Ordina has a great deal of experience with the official government style (Rijkshuisstijl).
  • Managed platform services
    Management of the Mendix platform, possibly including management and further development of the applications on the platform.
  • Accelerated skilling
    Rapid scaling up of the Mendix competence within your own organisation in the form of training, coaching, talent development and mixed team delivery.