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Ordina has a long track record of using Microsoft technology to meet our clients’ business needs. Our professionals work with clients to design, build and manage modern Microsoft solutions. We prefer to work in high-performance teams where we solve a specific problem for an organization from the first idea to the deployment and management of the solution. With this approach, we relieve our clients of the burden of the entire process.

Ordina & Microsoft

  • Gold certified for:
    Application Development – Cloud Platform – Cloud Productivity – Collaboration & Content – Data Analytics – Data Platform – Datacenter – DevOps – Messaging – Windows & Devices
  • Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations:
    To further differentiate the level of expertise of partners, Microsoft created the so-called Advanced Specializations. To obtain Advanced Specializations partner status, an extensive audit is carried out by Information Security Systems International (ISSI), an independent agency. Ordina invests continuously in the development and expansion of Microsoft knowledge.
  • Our specialists are committed to Azure Advanced Specializations.
    This includes: Analytics on Microsoft Azure – Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure – Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure – Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop – Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure – SAP on Microsoft Azure – Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Silver certified for Project & Portfolio Management and Security
  • Certified Cloud Service Provider Tier 1 with >250 Microsoft professionals and >750 Microsoft certifications
  • Co-sell readiness with Microsoft:
    Cloud Native Development on Azure – SAP on Azure – Application redesign on Azure – Security (GDPR assessments) – Modern Workplace (O365) – Managed Azure Services
  • Microsoft Catalyst Partner

Why Ordina?

At Ordina, we combine specific Microsoft expertise with modern and flexible delivery methods as we do in our high-performance teams. We work with clients in a way that suits them best. Ordina is a reliable partner for many of our clients. For us, contact takes precedence over contract, resulting in an average client rating of 7+.

We will be happy to help you with these services:

  • DevOps teams
    Build and manage applications and services with all the latest Microsoft technology in high-performance teams.
  • Managed applications
    We help clients bring existing applications to Azure. We build and run new cloud-native applications in Azure.
    You can read more about “Application Lifecycle Management for Microsoft” here
  • Azure cloud services
    Design, build, and manage Azure IaaS and PaaS environments, including container platforms (managed Kubernetes on Azure) and pipeline automation in Azure DevOps.
    Read more here.
  • Digital workplace
    Support with Office365 setup and adoption. Including Intune for the mobile workplace and device management.
    You can read more about smart, safe and productive collaboration here.
  • Managed Kubernetes
    At platform level, Ordina has experience with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). With this service, Microsoft gives you a scalable, automated solution for rolling out Kubernetes clusters. AKS provides elasticity in upscaling, so your application can upscale effortlessly as your business grows. Because AKS is a managed service, monitoring and enterprise-grade security are part of the solution by default. We can integrate AKS into the CI/CD pipelines within Azure DevOps, so you can release faster.
    With the free Ordina Kubernetes Health Check we show you in one day what the added value of AKS is.
  • Managed SQL databases
    Your SQL database is the engine running your applications. Database performance strongly influences application performance. There are many factors where database performance can create a bottleneck when pursuing your digital strategy. Ordina manages many SQL database landscapes and ensures continuous optimization of performance. Based on this experience, we help you with the best migration strategy for your SQL databases to Azure. The Ordina SQL Health Scan gives you free insight into the current performance of your database landscape, so that you can then focus on improvements or the migration to Azure.
  • Migrating to the cloud
    Do you have existing applications that you would like to bring to Azure? We will help you with an approach that is aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. In our approach, business value is central. This means that, in addition to the technical aspects of the migration, we also help you with the organizational aspects.
    Sometimes the best strategy is to bring the application to Azure as-is. For older applications, we find that moving to Azure is an opportunity to reduce technology debt. We do this, for example, by upgrading used frameworks and components. In addition to extending the lifespan, these steps are also necessary to keep the application secure and to be able to use support.
  • Security
    Secure by Design design and development at application and infrastructure level, including for Azure and Intune environments.

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