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5 steps towards clear reports you can start using right away

Are the reports your organisation uses often too complex to gain good insights? Not sure which type of data visualisation best tells your story? Do you need to map masses of data for a specific project and are you in doubt about the best approach? Ordina’s data visualisation experts will help you using a proven methodology: Design Studio.

Every company collects a huge amount of data.  By intelligently visualising that data, you understand it, uncover patterns and connections, and discover trends – as the basis for smart decisions.  However, visualising data in a smart way is not that easy. In order to gain valuable insights, you need to make choices: know perfectly which data you need to map and how best to do so.

Five steps towards effective data visualisation

VisionWorks, Ordina’s BI and analytics team, pooled its experience with visualisation projects in the Design Studio methodology, which guides your company towards clear and effective data visualisation in five steps:

  • Data design sprint: we observe all the stakeholders in your organisation (management, users from different departments, IT) in order to understand your processes, your available data and your reporting needs. We also bring all users together in design workshops to determine target groups and identify hot spots.
  • Mock-up: we translate the insights from the data design sprint into a mock-up – a rough outline of the report(s) you need. If you wish, we can even create that mock-up during the design workshop, together with your team.
  • The bigger picture: we consult with fellow data architects, technology experts, etc. about the data and tools needed to fulfil your visualisation needs.
  • Check-up: we present the model of the new dashboards, graphs, etc. to those involved to check whether the reports are relevant and complete, whether they understand the visualisations and can make the necessary connections, etc.
  • Elaboration: if we get the green light, we start working on the design and finalise the reports.

The design studio methodology guides you in 5 steps towards effective data visualisations: reports that you can understand at a glance and can start using right away.

Design Studio: your benefits

  • A visualisation solution tailored to your needs: together with your users we search for the most effective data visualisations and co-create our proposals together with your teams. Your benefit: users enjoy working with the results and are even ambassadors for the solutions.
  • You will quickly see results – and save costs: we work on concrete visualisation solutions that immediately do what they need to do: compile different types of data into a single package, so that you can quickly establish connections, make analyses and take action. Because we first make a mock-up and check it with your users, we quickly – and therefore cost-efficiently – arrive at a design that works.
  • You can count on in-depth expertise: Design Studio is a solution from VisionWorks, a team of data scientists, engineers, architects and specialists in data visualisation. We know what data visualisation has to do, we know the technology and we have experience with data projects in a wide variety of organisations.

Look beyond data visualisation: do you want to examine not just your visualisation processes but your entire data cycle – from data collection to reports?
Then we can call on the expertise of our ORCA (Ordina Reporting Acceleration and Consolidation) colleagues: they will help you to collect relevant data effortlessly and translate it easily into insights.

Thanks to co-creation, users enjoy working with the reports and are even ambassadors for the solutions.

For whom?

Organisations that have difficulty translating their data into clear, straightforward reports that prompt immediate action.

Wondering how we can help you? Contact our team.