Ordina Flexible Billing

Invoicing and revenue management for the digital economy

The world is changing – and so is your business. Platform-based business models, personalised propositions, the popular pay-per-use or subscription models: they all require new pricing mechanisms and billing models and a different approach to revenue management. Our Flexible Billing solution supports that transformation – as a starting point for satisfied clients, increased revenue and greater innovation.

Your challenge: put your client front and center, with customization and services

Nowadays, clients do not want mass products or services. They want added value and results. You cannot offer that by just supplying products. You do so by developing an offer on demand and tailored to their needs, including unique propositions, personal services and the contract formula that best suits your client’s wishes (advance billing, subscription, pay-per-use, etc.).

This changes your organisation’s playing field – and not least that of your finance team. From pricing and billing to invoicing: a high degree of flexibility and greater complexity must be taken into account.

Flexible Billing solutions and approach

Digitisation is the driving force behind new business models. And technology can also help you get a clear understanding of the complex pricing, billing and invoicing processes involved in the digital economy.

SAP has developed two solutions that have already proven their worth in the management of new revenue models.

  • SAP Billing Revenue Innovation Management, an add-on to the SAP platform, is a modular solution that supports every step of the invoicing and revenue management processes and makes them transparent, auditable and traceable. Users are large companies with high volumes of contracts and invoices and a high degree of complexity.
  • SAP Subscription Billing, an SaaS solution, simplifies and automates the management of new revenue models. Users are companies that have to process contracts and invoices with a little less complexity and lower volumes.

The solution you implement therefore depends on the size of your organisation, your needs, business processes and plans for the future. Ordina will help you choose. During a design thinking workshop, we will map out your existing situation, including problem areas, and find out which solution best suits your needs.

For whom?

From telecoms, energy and media companies to the mobility industry, any sector looking to transition digitally that is introducing new business models and struggling with complex invoicing processes as a result will benefit from a Flexible Billing solution.

Some examples:

  • A media company that offers various subscription packages.
  • A mobility operator that delivers mobility solutions – in the broadest sense of the word – as a service.
  • An energy supplier that has to take into account the cost of electricity but also the revenue from solar panels in its invoices.
  • A Dutch flower grower who negotiates with all auctions through an online platform.
  • PostNL, which has to manage the jumble of parcels and associated invoices.
  • A telecoms company die that has to keep meticulous records of every minute of its clients’ calls.

Why Ordina?

  • Ordina brought in the experts from IFS Probity: a service provider with in-depth expertise in complex mass invoicing processes (subscription billing).
  • A multidisciplinary, high-performance team
  • Exceptional service with guarantees
  • References: PostNL, RoyalFloraNederland, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Booking.com, and more.