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The pressure to execute effective digital transformation has never been higher. Organisations need a structured process to really generate new value from the changes they make rather than just doing the same old things with newer technology. In a world where results must come quickly, your company needs an approach that gives you a robust plan with a clear outline of delivering value to your business. That’s what Microsoft Catalyst is all about.

Microsoft developed for Gold Microsoft partners the Catalyst program, a professional methodology to help enterprises define their roadmap for digital transformation. In addition to theory, Catalyst provides useful templates and offers structure in the execution of the preliminary study. Central to the Catalyst program is the “IDEA frame-work”.
I.D.E.A. stands for the 4 successive steps in the process: Inspire, Design, Empower & Achieve.

  • Inspire – Find the transformation strategy that’s right for you. Define and prioritise your strategy using development activities, then foster ideation and drive decision making with an envisioning workshop.
  • Design – Build a compelling case for change by discussing business and technological impact. You’ll quantify the return on investment, revenue growth, cost savings and employee efficiencies.
  • Empower – Help others across your organisation see the value in your business transformation by creating visual assets and immersive experiences. These promote buy-in and get alignment on commitments.
  • Achieve – Bring in the resources you need to execute your strategy and carry out your business transformation across departments. Then measure its success.

In short: with Microsoft Catalyst we ask the right questions at the right time to future-proof your organisation and ensure we all hit the critical aspects that could otherwise be missed.

Ordina & Microsoft

Ordina has a long track record of using Microsoft technology to meet our clients’ business needs. Our professionals work with clients to design, build and manage modern Microsoft solutions.
We help companies with their digital transformation by connecting technology, business challenges and people. We accelerate the digital transformation, develop smart IT applications, launch new digital services and make sure that people embrace them.

Your digital journey

If your organisation needs to embark on the next phase of its digital journey, we are sure Catalyst can help.
Catalyst takes you through the process from formulating a big digital transformation idea to assessing the business value and making it happen.

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