A unique range of lab instrument qualification services

Compliance and innovation, it is a tricky combination for pharma and life science companies. R&D teams want to digitise laboratories and use the latest equipment. But when it comes to quality, the bar is high and regulations are strict and complex. Do you lack the time and/or expertise internally to keep track of everything? More and more pharma companies and biotech players are entrusting Ordina with their laboratory equipment maintenance – from A to Z.

 In a standard lab, researchers use over 1,000 different pieces of equipment to test and develop the latest medicines. This means, monitoring, maintaining, as well as occasionally repairing more than 1,000 pieces of equipment. And, if the R&D team wants to start using a new piece of equipment, they also need to have it tested, calibrated and validated to ensure reliable, accurate and consistent results. What’s more, this kind of equipment is increasingly linked to IT systems and software, which have to be validated as well. In short, the qualification and maintenance of laboratory equipment are incredibly time-consuming and require know-how of both the pharma sector and IT.

Ordina maintains your laboratory equipment from A to Z: Lab Instrument Qualification Services

Our experts take over all aspects of your laboratory equipment maintenance, so that your team can make use of the qualified equipment they need at all times. We can help you with:

  • Tips and advice when purchasing new equipment
  • Qualification of new equipment: testing and calibration
  • Computer system validation (csv) of software and computer systems
  • Connection with IT systems
  • Permanent monitoring of existing instruments
  • Preventative maintenance, (re)calibration and repair of existing equipment
  • Software and computer system updates, incl. validations
  • Safeguarding data integrity
  • Regulation and validation training
  • Qualification planning across several labs
  • Support when moving or extending your laboratories

Why outsource the qualification of your laboratory equipment?

  • Save time and work more efficiently: we maintain your entire technology portfolio and plan carefully and efficiently
  • Focus on your core activities: your team does research and innovates, while we take care of compliance
  • Trust our expertise: we know your market, the technology, the regulations and IT and share our knowledge with your team
  • Ensure continuity: we guarantee a long-term partnership; there are always experts at your disposal who know the processes, equipment and installations in your company
  • Opt for scalability: if you want to move or extend your labs, for instance, you can call on temporary extra support

Why Ordina?

  • A multidisciplinary, high-performance team

Colleagues with a science degree and life science experience work closely together with experts in regulations and validation for your sector and with IT technicians. In short, we know the market, your business, the regulations and we know everything about hardware and software.

  • Own proven methodology

Ordina has developed its own methodology for a smooth qualification of your equipment. From an equipment qualification system (low, medium and high complexity) to a step-by-step plan: they enable us to always set the right priorities, accurately assess planning, and complete qualifications in a timely manner.

  • Exceptional level of service with guarantees

Our experts work closely together with your team. We share our knowledge, communicate transparently and regularly get together to discuss any issues and draw up short- and long-term planning. To underscore our level of commitment and service, we use a KPI dashboard, so, you, too, can monitor progress.