Partnership Ordina and AI4growth

AI4growth, an initiative of AI stakeholders from the industry, public sector and academic world, and Ordina have signed a partnership agreement. AI4growth is the community of AI stakeholders in Flanders. Through this partnership, Ordina will be a co-promotor of the community platform for companies active in the development of AI applications.


AI4growth members are suppliers of AI technology, companies that are looking for AI applications and business and academic experts. AI4growth aims to gain a better insight into AI and its uses in manufacturing, biotechnology, healthcare and medicine, agriculture, logistics, finance etc.
By presenting case studies of successful AI implementations, AI4growth wants to show the full potential of these technologies. The ultimate goal is to stimulate AI projects in a meaningful way.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The collecting, storing and processing of data has become cheaper and more extensive than ever before. This has opened the door for the creation of neural networks, responsible for the current meteoric rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Self-driving cars, chatbots, complex manufacturing, medical diagnostics no longer live in the realm of science fiction. The existing use cases in image processing, robotics programming, media, agriculture and security etc are multiplying in Europe.

In many sectors and in the public sphere, emerging AI and ML applications will create a competitive advantage for the early adopters who embrace these technologies.
To accelerate the economic potential, the dissemination of knowledge and experience, as well as the establishment of a local network within AI and ML are strategically important.

AI sessions

The promoters of the AI4growth community platform are Flemish companies active in the development of AI applications (ML6, Robovision and Boltzmann) together with UGent TechTransfer and the UGent AI lab.

Ordina’s Data Science experts will help shape this community by collaborating on ‘AI sessions’. Every AI session brings together about 100 corporate profiles, entrepreneurs, PhDs and university experts (invitation only) to ensure the quality of the AI community. Advanced operational AI/ML applications of partners will be the starting point for the sessions.

Please visit for more info about AI4growth, the ‘AI sessions’ and relevant AI cases.