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Big Data

Discover What It Could Really Mean…

Big Data is hot. Not everything is Big Data....
Trade magazines talk about it all the time. Appropriate or not, Big Data is one of the most corrupted terms in IT in 2013.
Would you really like to talk about Big Data? Then consult Ordina VisionWorks!

The features of big data are often referred to as the 3 V’s: Volume, Variety and Velocity.
High volume of data, including structured as well as unstructured data, generated at high speed, modified and processed.
However, Big Data goes much further than these often-quoted 3 V’s.
What is absolutely crucial is the value which the organisation can generate from this data, for example, for process optimisation and risk analysis purposes.
VisionWorks particularly focuses on those aspects of Big Data that provide added value for your organisation.

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