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Data Science as a Service


Do you have valuable data that you are not making optimum use of? Do you want to focus on better data analyses? Are these projects not really getting off the ground because of a lack of expertise? With "Data Science as a Service" Ordina offers you a simple, affordable solution! Using advanced data science techniques, we work with you to find interesting data that can help you achieve your business objectives. We study your data sources and read patterns in your data. We build up knowledge that allows predictions to be made for the future. These predictions mean you make informed decisions in your business. Data Science (& Big Data) are not a revolution but an evolution. 


Data Science is the study of data sources and their significance with the aim of identifying patterns that allow predictions to be made regarding the future. Data Science (& Big Data) are not a revolution but an evolution. Techniques from various areas (Data Warehousing, data quality, HPC, statistics, visualisation, machine learning, data mining, etc.) together so you get the most out of your data.


Ordina VisionWorks guides you from A to Z. From identifying possible business cases to implementing and monitoring your Data Science project. You can begin a "Value Discovery" project easily and against a fair cost. Here we develop an initial "working" model with you that shows the added value for your business. We provide the necessary infrastructure and expertise for your Data Science textbook example.


Data Science applications help you make effective use of your existing information to run your business efficiently. You adapt business processes based on knowledge, not gut feeling. You take the right decisions for the future of your organisation in areas such as customer segmentation, cross & upsell, production staff & liquidity forecasting and planning, etc. With the Ordina VisionWorks approach you will discover how to make your data your strategy!

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