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Online and Social Media Monitoring

More Cost-Efficient and Targeted Communication!

When defining a content strategy, people often only examine fact and figures. For websites, for example, these will be the key words used by visitors, or the length of a hit and the number of visitors. However, it would be useful to look a little further, regardless of whether you yourself are active on social media and the web. Do not just restrict yourself to analysing whether you can be found and whether people are talking about you, but also what is being said and the opinions held. This will help you to communicate in a more cost-efficient and targeted fashion. 

The Ordina VisionWorks online and social media monitoring solution gives you insight into what is being written and said about your company, brand, competitors, and products and services. This provides a sound basis for your content and communication strategy.


Sentiment analysis. You can examine people’s general opinion about your business activities and your products. You can listen to the opinions held about specific campaigns which you are running or community events. Sentiment analysis provides a more complete picture of how specific target groups view your company, your products, your management style or a particular topic.


The Ordina VisionWorks online and social media monitoring solution captures information from all the sources necessary and makes the data available on dashboards that provide a clear overview and which will spur you into action. Besides information from social networks (eg. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) we also scan relevant news media, forums and weblogs.

approach & result

In joint consultation with your team, we examine your specific situation and provide advice. Following an in-depth workshop, Visionworks will configure a tailor-made solution for your company. You will receive a user-friendly analysis tool, dashboards and overviews. We can customise this further. You will know where, how many, who, and how people are talking about you. This is useful to you as this information will help you develop or amend your content and communication strategy.

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