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Cockpit for Warehouse Management Optimisation

5% Efficiency Gain

By using a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage your goods flow automatically, your administrative workload will be much lighter, your processes will be faster, with a smaller error rate and increased reliability. This will already allow you to make considerable savings. And there’s more…
What if we were able to increase the efficiency of your Warehouse Management processes by 5% with the use of BI and we were able to offer you insight into the future?

Ordina VisionWorks helps successful companies with the visualisation of real-time business information. 
You will have full knowledge of the facts for better decision-making and you will improve the performance and profitability of your future warehouse processes. You will be managing your goods flow intelligently and introduce cost-efficiency.


Ordina VisionWorks knows just how much work is involved in running your warehouse floor. The VisionWorks Optimizer Cockpit for Warehouse Management systems ensures further optimisation and increased efficiency of the order processing and deliveries with the use of smart KPI’s, which provide you with real-time information about any discrepancies. They also predict when things go wrong.


You could call it operational or tactical business intelligence, real-time or right-time, VisionWorks ensures that fast-changing, critical business information is immediately visible to your entire organisation – wherever you may be, and whichever type of technology or device you may be using. With smart data acquisition and interpreting, we also help you to anticipate future changes. We offer you insight into the future as it were


VisionWorks adopts a pragmatic approach. We work with you as part of a small team, and we not only examine the situation and take on board any recommendations, but we also take care of the implementation with the appropriate guarantees. Our plan of approach is completed within 2 weeks, thus ensuring fast visualisation of the results. 5% cost efficiency can be achieved within 3-6 months from the start of the assignment.

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