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Predictive Analytics


Predictive Analytics processes historical data, learns from the past and creates models. These models analyse new datasets to be able to make predictions. The aim of Predictive Analytics is to learn from mistakes and successes from the past and to learn from customers and transactions. Thanks to Predictive Analytics, organisations know what to change and what to replicate. VisionWorks, Ordina's Business Intelligence team, not only helps you analyse the past and the present, but also sketches a picture of your performance in the future. You stay ahead of the competition. 


Big Data & Predictive Analytics is on the management agenda in many organisations. Ordina assists in developing a pragmatic strategy and approach, in which the following propositions are central: 

  • Know how big data delivers real value 
  • Make sure big data are captured and analysed 
  • Apply the insights from big data in business processes


Implementing Predictive Analytics processes requires specific knowledge and experience that are often difficult to acquire. Ordina VisionWorks can perform many of these activities for you. We take your data, your request, and establish which (statistical and modelling) method is required to meet your needs. With a Big Analytics Business Case we can produce an initial validated version of an analytics model for you. This will tell you whether your source data are rich enough to meet your needs. Other examples of activities involving Predictive Analytics we can perform for you are: 

  • Data analysis, predictive modelling and data mining 
  • Web analytics, crowd management and fraud management
  • Hosting of the big data & analytics solution


Advanced analysis of internal and external data makes organisations smarter and more action-oriented. With Predictive Analytics we can help you offer an insight into what advanced data analyses can do for you. If your source data have potential, we can help you to extract value from your data and have information work for you.

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