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R for Predictive Analytics

With the advent of Big Data, companies suddenly have large amounts of information on their hands. What do they do with it? What can they do with it? After all, collecting data is only worthwhile if it produces valuable information and/or actions. For this we apply models from the world of “predictive analytics”. We use R as a tool. An open-source software package developed for statistics and data analysis. R is operated via a command line interface and several graphic interfaces are available. Compared with other mathematical/statistical software packages, programming in R is strongly object-oriented. R has extensive possibilities for creating charts and graphics and is capable as standard of performing complicated linear algebra calculations.   Ordina VisionWorks has a specific team of data scientists. They focus on our “predictive analytics” propositions and use R as a tool.   Would you like to make use of our knowledge or services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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