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You are in a transformation phase as a financial institution. You want to digitize and get ready for the future in that way. You want to optimize your software environment (back-office and front-office) and build a secure, future-proof IT environment. For that reason, all processes must be harmonized. Your costs are far too high. You must make your operations more efficient. Employees of financial players are experiencing very many changes. How do you keep your employees motivated and engaged? And how do you help them through all those changes? You must comply with legislation and regulations. (Basel III, the Solvency II-Directive, the Privacy Directive…) Your internal operation and structure must be adapted to this. Your customer has to be more central. Customers want faster decisions, less paperwork. You need to think end-to-end: all departments must be harmonized. Banks want the customer to be able to carry out a transaction easily through any channel. This is called ‘omni-channel’. In short: put the customer central. The battle for the customer is huge, these days especially.Ordina’s Finance Business Consultants are not the traditional suited silvers spoon golden boys who tell you how to do your job. We are happy to work together with you, from our own experience and specific expertise. We offer solutions that can really help you progress as our customer. Discover our approach and proposals here.

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