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Consultancy, Implementation and Management

Knowledgeable cooperation tailored to you

Depending on the customer’s needs, Ordina offers services or total solutions to financial institutions.
Expertise: secondment and outsourcing of specialized business functions.
IT and business solutions: standard or custom applications for the finance sector based on state-of-the-art technology.
End-to-End projects: our finance consultants are innovative and think along with the customer. They make suggestions about how things could be improved, what solutions can be developed further in the future.
For the actual realization we rely on our colleagues from the Java, Microsoft, SAP, Infrastructure and Testing units. Clockwork, the digital engagement bureau at Ordina, ensures that the solutions delivered are user-friendly for each target group (your staff, your clients).  

Value discovery

Your organization is in a mess with processes. We will analyse those processes together with you: which business processes should improve? What ICT solutions are required? Thanks to our experience and business knowledge we talk the same language and can provide advice, suggest improvements. We will also give an indication of the change aspect.

Value delivery

Implementation phase. We will effectively carry out those major changes. This may relate purely to business (we support a change-process with the right people), or about ICT (we develop an application). Or a combination of both.

Value assurance

Customer care: removing any burden from the customer. This is the management of the solutions we implemented (software and/or infrastructure management) by a specialized, mixed team that has an in-depth knowledge of your business and the supporting ICT environment.

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