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Project & Program Management

A craft apart

Project and program management is a craft. Many projects are stopped or will not ultimately meet the stated objectives. The planning, execution and monitoring of projects according to the state of the art requires craftsmanship. Adequate competencies and a suitable methodology. Ordina experts navigate you through large or several projects. For instance, think of the digitization of the banking structure, setting up a new software environment for customers, etc. Our “program manager” manages your complete project program. Thanks to his or her experience in project management your projects are delivered as you had initially intended in terms of time and/or budget, with the calculated ROI. As a financial player you will almost always have a broad product/project portfolio. Is the quality always equally good? Are projects delivered on time and within budget? Our PMO and quality consultants support project managers and project leaders throughout the implementation process. They carefully monitor the various phases of the delivery process in terms of methodology, scope, price and quality of the interim and final delivered product.
You know what you are getting, when and at what price!

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