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Cortana Analytics Predict and Decide

predicting results and prescribing decisions

VisionWorks believes in powerful Machine Learning applications and Hadoop analytics for controlling the action in real time. 
Through HD Insight, VisionWorks allows the implementation of Hadoop clusters, data processing and visualization.
A key component in modern data architecture handles real time processing of streaming data on devices, sensors, infrastructure and applications. Through Stream Analytics, VisionWorks provides several possibilities, including IoT scenarios (Internet Of Things) such as real time remote management and monitoring of devices or acquiring insights from devices like mobile phones and connected cars.

Machine Learning

VisionWorks’ experts are happy to provide their services:
-  to develop Machine learning easily for data scientists of all skill levels through a streamlined experience, from simple set up via a web browser to creating experiments with drag and drop and simple data flow diagrams.
-  a library with time-saving model experiments, R and Python packages
-  support for adapted R and Python code, which you can drop directly into your workspace
-  an approach which allows you easily to share your experiments so that others can pick up where you left off

HD Insight

Through HD Insight, VisionWorks makes it possible:
-    implement a Hadoop cluster in minutes or to integrate existing Hadoop clusters on Windows or Linux
-    process unstructured and semi-structured data and to develop in Java, .NET and more
-    to visualize Hadoop data quickly in Excel

Stream Analytics

VisionWorks uses Stream Analytics for real time processing of streaming data. The solution is implemented:
- to allow the detection of anomalies and transformation of incoming data
- to allow possibility of triggering an alert when a specific error or condition appears in the data stream
- to control real time dashboards.

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