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Cortana Analytics for Dashboards & Visualizations

A striking answer to your question

VisionWorks brings your data to life by transforming it into rich visuals and dashboards that you can organize and share so that you can focus on what is important to you.
You ask questions and get answers:
- To your question: "in which region did I score the lowest last month?" you will receive a coherent, stunning and interactive visualization of your data as an answer.
Thanks to Power BI you can easily ask your questions and receive the right charts and graphs as an answer.

You explore data in a new way:
- Thanks to a complete range of predefined visualizations and a simple, user-friendly way to create reports you can explore your data in a visual way through a drag & drop canvas.

Let your data work for you:
- Power BI helps you to maximize the ROI by highlighting and processing opportunities.

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