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Cortana Analytics

Smart information management

VisionWorks helps customers to connect information at scale, prepare, arrange and monitor data from websites, apps and devices.
Use "Data Factory” to produce and coordinate data services at scale. A few applications: create, schedule, orchestrate and manage pipelines – visualize data lineage - Connect to on-premises and cloud data sources.
Use "Data Catalog" and spend less time looking for data and more time on value creation: Register all enterprise data sources – discover data and unlock their potential – capture group knowledge to make data more understandable – bridge the gap between IT and the business, allowing everyone to contribute through adding their insights – bring your data to life where you want it, using the tools you choose – decide who can discover registered data – integrate into existing tools and processes with open REST API's. 
Log millions of events per second from websites, apps and devices in real time with "Event Hubs": connect devices using flexible authorization and throttling – use time-based event buffering – managed service with elastic scale options – reach a broad set of platforms using native client libraries - pluggable adapters for other cloud services.

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