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Customer Relationship Management


SAP CRM – a total solution for your customer relationships – supports all your customer-oriented business processes. The interaction with your customers is taking place through many channels, be it call centers, the Internet, social media or mobile applications. SAP CRM offers your marketing, sales and service departments a complete tool to manage all that efficiently.

Ordina has years of experience in the implementation of customer relationship systems and guides you throughout the implementation process. SAP CRM enables you to deal more effectively with available resources and increases the efficiency of your customer relationships. Depending on your needs, we propose the appropriate CRM solution. CRM is our ‘Rapid Deployment Solution’: preconfigured, flexible and implemented extremely fast. With SAP Cloud for Customer we launch your CRM solution in the cloud.


SAP CRM offers you extensive opportunities for marketing, sales and service: lead management, campaign management, account and contact management, activity management, opportunity management, pipeline performance management, territory management, service order management, complaints management, customer interaction center, web channel, interactive reporting, etc.


Ordina integrates your SAP CRM solution seamlessly into your ERP or BW system, or deploys it as a standalone application. Planning to link a web store with your system? Or use social media and mobile applications? Ordina’s consultants will gladly integrate your wishes.


A user-friendly interface allows end users to get started in your new CRM environment intuitively and with minimum training.


Ordina implements your project according to the tried and tested Prince2 and ASAP methodologies, within the proposed timing and budget. We analyze your needs, build a solution, test it, implement the environment and train your employees. Best practices, drawn from similar implementations, save you a lot of time.



With the help of SAP CRM, your marketing department devises more efficient campaigns. You reach more customers at a lower cost. Targeted segmentation and personalization ensure that you will convert more leads into actual business.


You shorten the duration of your sales cycles. Real-time insights into your sales figures allow you to better define margins and make more accurate predictions. Faster invoicing makes sure you control your working capital.


This increases the efficiency of your service. Now that you can monitor closely your customers and defects, the quality of your products improves. Customer satisfaction also leads to higher customer retention.

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