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Energy Monitoring


Using targeted energy monitoring, Ordina calculates the actual total production cost of your end product. We determine both the factors contributing to energy consumption during production, and the energy wastage during off-peak production.

The identification of these costs-KPIs allows your organization to make more efficient cost comparisons, pursue a more effective strategic policy, identify asset improvements and make better planning decisions. You are also able to estimate future energy usage with more accuracy.


The ‘Energy monitoring’ iMESure module is a standard solution to monitor your energy usage in a calculated manner. You can capture both the value-added and the non-value added consumption and link it to your specific production results.


We start by determining which energy usage should be measured in what way. Where necessary we link real-time measurements to the production results. We take into account your specific needs and create a delta analysis in which the module functionalities are matched to the production.


The energy monitoring module allows us to define your energy usage down to the levels of production cell, production line and production unit. We correlate this information with production data, which leads to more accurate costs-KPIs and a better motivated decision policy.

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