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IMESure Light


Small and medium-sized businesses are reluctant to start a (large-scale) MES project. Because it is too complex, they do not have sufficient resources or for lack of a clearly substantiated business case to finance the project. Yet they want to manage, monitor and/or improve their production processes efficiently. Together with Phoenix Contact, Ordina developed “iMESure Light”. An entry-level solution for discrete manufacturing and assembly companies. The result? A pragmatic OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) tool that quickly gives you an insight into machine utilisation, stoppages and quantities produced.


iMESure Light is available for all production companies, from SME to multinational. The solution is based on best practices, in accordance with the ISA-95 standard and can be integrated flexibly into your other business applications. Besides a plant performance module, this basic version also includes a structured data model. iMESure Light offers standard visualisations per machine, a clear OEE dashboard and several simple reports.


We connect simple light columns to each production line or machine for which you want to determine the initial OEE (up to 50). Each column is linked to a machine and interconnected via a wireless link. For each measuring point we record the ON and Off statues with time stamp, an error code or a specific I/O. On the one hand you get a real-time view of the status of your machine or process through the light columns themselves, on the other we are sent all these data automatically in the iMESure database and can visualise, report and use them for an initial analysis of production efficiency.


In a short time, iMESure Light increases the manufacturing intelligence within your production company. Within a few weeks or months you are clear about machine utilisation, stoppages, quantities produced, etc. You can optimise your plant’s performance without the need for a costly MES implementation. If desired, you have a basis for a business case for a broader, integrated MES layer.

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