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MES Value Discovery


Being able to convert into a clear action plan the areas requiring improvement in your production process is a difficult exercise. Ordina simplifies the job and, using the MES Value Discovery, grasps in a flash your production process and needs.

We analyze your production-related business processes, identify their weaknesses and propose practical areas for improvement and feasible solutions. Finally, we hand you a specific customized business case to allow you to quickly optimize your efficiency, cost savings and service level.


The Ordina MES Value Discovery allows us to rapidly perform a clear analysis of your production cycle. We immerse ourselves in your company, chart your operational processes, and examine your production needs, corporate culture and existing infrastructure.


Based on stakeholder identification, organized workshops and validated feedback, we define your business and production challenges. We analyze the findings, determine the bottlenecks and their impact, and provide solutions.


Afterwards we explain the MES Value Discovery report in a comprehensive visual presentation. In addition, we identify the right KPIs and possible improvements that lead to a more efficient and effective production process.

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