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Managed Services for BI

Data when and how you need it

We are well aware that for most medium and large-size organizations, collecting and keeping expertise in-house to build, manage and develop a Data Warehouse or a Business Intelligence Solution is a challenging task. This is where Ordina VisionWorks can help.  A quality partner for Managed BI Services allows you to concentrate on the things you do best while we manage your data efficiently, reliable and at less cost and less risk helping you achieve your financial and IT goals. Our offering ranges from: Day-to-day technical support and performance management of DW and BI systems  - Expert BI application development and maintenance including report creation -  ad-hoc query development or analytical modeling and integration enhancements for new data sources -  Management of upgrades, backups and patches  - Remote operation for uninterrupted BI application server availability -  Data integration and acquisition processing - Comprehensive database management services -  Cost-savings with the availability of near-shore BI consulting ...


Ordina VisionWorks will reduce your ongoing risk by providing Managed Services that cover the specialist resources needed to maintain and upgrade your actual Information Management solution. Thanks to our broad and technology independent skillset and experience, we manage to provide greater innovation around data, data visualization and helping you to take advantage of new opportunities. Our service includes provision of detailed reporting covering all aspects of warehouse performance.


The Ordina VisionWorks Managed Services offering for BI is a growth model to transform current services to the requested sourcing level. In our 6 phased approach we create the conditions to successfully outsource the services leading to assurance along 3 axes: management, continuity and agility.
It is obvious that investing in employees with the right skills to manage your data and data warehouse operations, keeps financial and human resources away from their key activities. Ordina VisionWorks Managed Services for BI offer the scale, resources, technical skills and experience to that will be more cost-effective than doing it yourself.
Every firm with an established data warehouse and BI reporting capability has significant issues when key subject-matter experts or technical developers from several partners have to cooperate. VisionWorks Managed Service for BI mitigates that risk because a larger organization and one team take accountability for your success.


If your BI system fails over-night it can cause problems for days if not attended to quickly. Ordina VisionWorks will ensure your systems are monitored and problems are addressed and fixed before data issues become a nightmare – a capable partner will have you covered.
We will make sure you keep up with technology, fix issues and tackle problems. Ordina VisionWorks understands a variety of BI technologies and has deep technical skills to ensure your investment in data is protected and you’re able to plan for the future. Our skills enable your business to get the edge on your competitors at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

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