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Mobile BI


Real-time information is becoming increasingly important for organisations to gain a competitive advantage or improve efficiency of production. The advent of smartphones and tablets makes it possible to have information available everywhere and at all times and take direct action. However, the transformation into a mobile information provider is not so easy. Ordina ensures that the mobile dashboard provides optimum support in making decisions.


The switch to mobile information provision raises many questions. How do you approach the process? Can you simply convert your existing reports to a mobile device? Is the design suitable for your mobile device? And do you have the right KPIs for your mobile dashboard? Ordina has a proven solution to these problems.


We have developed a unique approach to the design of dashboards. Together with you we establish what your focus is and what information you need to provide guidance. In addition we determine the navigation paths in the dashboard and how the information can best be presented.


With Ordina’s approach you have a mobile dashboard that quickly and clearly gives results. The dashboard draws your attention to matters that require it at the time and supports you in making the best decisions. You can take direct action to improve the performance of your organisation.

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