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SAP BW powered by SAP HANA


Data volumes are becoming larger. It is no longer always possible to load all data simultaneously, quickly and efficiently. Your management lacks accurate data, information for making good, correct decisions. End users are put off due to long response times and do not perform all the desired analyses... SAP HANA is designed to speed up queries for management information, reports and the loading of data. HANA opens the way for realising business benefits by effectively utilising real-time data. However, the switch to SAP HANA is more than a database migration. How do you manage your data and how do you guarantee the quality of your data? Is your data model still adequate? Is your customer-specific code still relevant? Ordina VisionWorks closely examined all the dos & don’ts of a “SAP BW on HANA” migration and investigated the possibilities for an optimal implementation of this new technology.


Business Intelligence and Predictive Analyses with SAP BW powered by HANA calls for new ways of thinking. This sometimes sheds a different light on the effectiveness of previously implemented solutions. Ordina VisionWorks offers you a workshop in which migration aspects and new possibilities are explained. An optimisation plan that lets you get more out of your SAP BW on HANA and your data. Look before you leap!


Just like SAP, VisionWorks advocates a Life Cycle Plan for your data based on the “multi-temperature model” in which data are classified based on usage and change. Experience tells us that here and there actions are launched, but we hardly ever see an effective plan or a subdivision based on use. When considering an investment in SAP HANA, the intention cannot and must not be simply to transfer over all the data. We produce an overview of your data and their relevance, and we consider your data model, taking into account the new possibilities provided by a HANA system. Reassessing your existing code logic and testing this with the new functionalities offered by SAP BW on HANA means you certainly do not need to migrate all your data and code.


Business Intelligence and Predictive Analyses with SAP BW on HANA calls for new ways of thinking. The effectiveness of previously implemented solutions is no guarantee. Before beginning your migration project it is important to take a moment to consider things. Ordina VisionWorks offers you a migration approach that takes account of every aspect of migration and all the new possibilities offered by HANA.

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