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Self-Service BI


In recent decades considerable sums have been invested in Business Intelligence (BI) as a way of improving management and decision-making. BI should help when making decisions by basing these on relevant information (timely, adequate and correct). In practice, the results of these efforts have not always been successful. To actually exploit BI we should enable the primary stakeholders, namely the employees of the organisation, to ‘serve’ themselves answers: Self-Service BI (SSBI) provides good support for decision-making and ensures the continuous flow of changes from within the organisation is satisfied.


We need to look at the human side of BI, specifically convert the data into usable information to be able to make successful decisions. The trick is to consider the added value of BI in its entirety, and not focus so much on the cost side of providing information.


Ordina offers a results-oriented approach to implementing an SSBI environment for (part of) your organisation. In doing so we focus on four key areas:  

1. right target group

2. processes and governance 

3. SSBI tool on the desired infrastructure. 

4. creating the right mind-set within the organisation


Employees in the organisation are able to implement BI changes with short time-to-market. They can enrich the data with other internal and external sources, visualise the information and share it with third parties within or outside the organisation. Better analysis leads to better decision-making.

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