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BI Maturity Scan


Are you unable to match your information production and use optimally? Would you like to increase the efficiency of your Business Intelligence? The BI Maturity Scan reveals the areas in your organization where time, money and energy are lost. And it shows you how to deal with that.

Not all investments in Business Intelligence lead to better performance. The BI Maturity Scan delivers specific advice on your information production and use. An optimal BI approach ensures better decisions, increased user productivity and lower operating costs.


It takes more than a set of tools and a good architecture to maximize the effectiveness of your Business Intelligence. Insight in information production is only the beginning. Your BI pays off only if information use and production are matched.


Ordina uses the BI Maturity Scan to ascertain that your information use and production are matched. We define strategy, performance and operational information within your organization on the basis of a clear, phased approach. In addition, we examine carefully the applications and technologies used. Ordina shows you how to go forward and, together with you, draws up a roadmap to success.


The BI Maturity Scan helps you invest in your information production and use in a targeted way. You increase the value of your Business Intelligence with a practical improvement plan.

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