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BICC Framework


Access to information is crucial to continually perform at top level in a rapidly changing world. Our Business Intelligence Competence Center (BICC) Framework provides an integrated approach to the development and management of your management information.

Ordina strengthens the effectiveness and purpose of your BI organization. Our BICC Framework helps you build strong bridges between the creation and use of information. The role of information in achieving your business goals is key in this respect. The BICC Framework will help you increase the impact of your BI organization on your business performance.


Make information the driving force behind your company. A targeted BI strategy contributes to the achievement of your business goals. The BICC Framework streamlines your Business Intelligence at product, process, organization, and governance levels. The right balance between business, technology and analysis turns your BI strategy into a decisive BICC.


In consultation with you, we create a BICC business case and translate your company goals into concrete BI objectives. Ordina ensures an efficient design and, together with you, implements your BICC. A schedule tailored to your business helps you improve your BICC step by step.


Ordina shapes your BI organization into top condition with the BICC Framework. Having its own BICC makes your company effective and helps you make the most of management information in a targeted way.

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