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BI VisionGuide


Avoid often recurring pitfalls in your BI project thanks to VisionGuide, the project methodology of Ordina VisionWorks. VisionGuide is more than a project management tool, though. It is also a structured project approach, which ensures that you do not overlook anything during the implementation.

The Vision Guide methodology has proven its worth for ten years already and has become a total approach, based on a wide range of best practices.


BI projects have their own dynamics, with ever-changing requirements. Business Intelligence requires a flexible approach to development and project management.


The VisionGuide is the ideal guide for your BI project as it suggests tangible objectives in cycles of six to eight weeks. In this respect, we work in parallel in four different packages: preparation, analysis, development and completion, and implementation.


The VisionGuide methodology differs from other approaches on essential aspects. For instance, Ordina VisionWorks starts from an iterative execution. Both during analysis and implementation, and throughout the various work packages.


The parallel approach to analysis and design ensures optimal exchange of information between analysts and developers. This enables them to respond quickly to changing conditions.


The unique approach of the VisionGuide turns your BI project into an agile machine. You use convenient templates and checklists within each work package, without compromising on flexibility.


There is a huge potential added value for your BI project. The VisionGuide allows you to tap the full potential.

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