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Smart Testing in a BI and Data Warehouse Environment!

Organisations are giving more prominence to their decision-making. Decisions based on unreliable or erroneous information could have disastrous results for company management. Changing course based on misleading information could get your company into serious trouble. Quality is therefore of the essence. VisionTest primarily focuses on the accuracy, completeness, punctuality and transparency of such a BI service.
Most testing methods are application-oriented and are therefore not sufficiently adequate to test the management information from a business process-oriented approach. Generally accepted test methods provide a generic framework for handling specific problems. That may be adequate, but in a DWH & BI environment they are often found to be lacking.
VisionTest fits in closely with VisionGuide, which is the BI implementation methodology of Ordina VisionWorks.


VisionGuide includes very specific phases, i.e. the preparatory, analytical, design and production phase, and last but not least, the implementation phase. The two intermediate phases are of an iterative nature. Each phase generates its own documentation. They provide various inputs for testing; the so-called test base, which forms the basis for the various functional and technical test programmes (User Tests, Integration Tests, etc.). Subsequent testing will be based on these test programmes.


Data warehouses usually start out small. Tiny parts of functionality are supplied and then built up further into the various architectural layers of the BI&DWH environment. These layers are subsequently integrated into what is finally referred to as an operational BI&DWH environment. Testing in the early stages of the building process will prevent major repair work in the latter stages, and testing is scaled up as the data warehouse develops. The data warehouse can be viewed from a technical and a functional point of view, and each requires a different approach in terms of testing.


The test strategy takes into account the business risks and objectives as well as the incremental introduction of a sound management information system. VisionTest therefore guarantees:
- Sound data quality for reliable management data
- Insight into data traceability
- Information that is available when needed
- Confidence in the quality of the data supplied
… and consequently, a high level of acceptance of the BI solution on the part of the end-users.

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