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The scope of technological possibilities for your company is constantly expanding. On the one hand, it is important to keep up with the available technology and use it optimally, and on the other, this technology must also comply with the high quality standards and laws and regulations.

With Ordina’s Managed Quality Services model (MQS) you achieve the perfect cross-fertilization between quality and technology. The MQS model guarantees knowledge inflow, flexible support, fast response and the elimination of ‘idle time’.

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MQS is a unique service approach allowing Ordina to assist you in your quality and compliance issues. MQS includes various packages tailored to your quality requirements, flexibility and budget.


The Ordina Delivery Manager, your single point of contact, proactively analyzes your needs and puts you in contact with the right experts. He checks and coordinates your service planning and delivery and schedules frequent forecast and delivery meetings for optimal service.


The Ordina MQS approach makes it easy to control your budget and puts you in contact with quality experts. In addition, you save costs thanks to well-thought-out service and knowledge management, as well as standardization.

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