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Technology, Organisation and People: safe and reliable

Whether your business employs 9 or 9,000 people, information security is a problem that cannot (any longer) be ignored. Every day, hackers find new methods and targets to break into. Almost daily there are news stories about successful digital attacks, leaked personal data and new vulnerabilities. One break-in may be sufficient to severely damage the reputation of your business, and the financial repercussions are enormous. In May 2016, new European legislation was approved. This General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates a new framework for handling personal data, taking into account recent social changes and technological innovations such as cloud computing, globalisation, and the popularity of social networks. From May 2018, digital personal data must be adequately protected by law. This means that the ICT infrastructure and systems must be adapted so you can prove that the necessary protective measures are in place. We recognise that information security is a difficult and complex process. There is not currently one single solution that solves all these problems. With its Secure by Design approach, Ordina can provide the necessary aid and expertise to help you and improve your information security considerably.

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