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Application and Infrastructure Healthcheck

Hacking and internet crime have been receiving more and more attention of late. There are regular reports in the media on the theft of customer details or hacked websites. However, these reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Many incidents are currently not being discovered in time, or else companies prefer to keep them internal. It is therefore vital that you are prepared for an attack by hackers. This can be done by taking and maintaining appropriate security measures. But are the measures you are taking sufficient to keep the hackers out today, tomorrow, the day after, etc.?

Ordina’s security consultants will identify your risks. They have the latest tools and techniques and detect vulnerabilities in the security of your systems and applications using penetration tests and ethical hacking. They are trained to follow the way hackers think and work.


With the Ordina Application & Infrastructure Health Check we figure out the weak links in your applications and network systems in just a few days. Hackers can abuse vulnerabilities in these systems. Appropriate information security is therefore crucial to the survival of your business.


We develop a picture of the systems in the digital chain. We then perform penetration tests and ethical hacks to determine the vulnerabilities. We investigate whether we can use these vulnerabilities to gain access to your systems. The Ordina security expert produces a report of all this and makes proposals for improving your security.


You get an overview of the weak spots in the security of your systems. In the report we provide a root-cause analysis and offer specific recommendations to resolve these weak spots and make your organisation adequately secure against hackers. You have a clear report that identifies your risks and how these can be solved or avoided.

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